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Bending Reality TV™

Is it possible to shift your reality by changing what you think, feel, and believe? Yes. Bending Reality TV™ follows Intuitive Business Consultant™, Psychic, Name Reader™, and Remote Influencer Michael Stephens as he changes lives, bends reality and explores the world.

Michael Stephens' Bending Reality TV™

Latest Video: #ACDC Drummer Chris Slade Talks War, Unity, Reiki and More
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Watch Bending Reality TV(2.6 million plus views) clips/interviews/videos of Michael Stephens Work, Celebrity Interviews, Cryptocurrency, Documentaries, Self Help and more with Alex Debogorski (Ice Road Truckers), Chris Slade (Tom Jones, AC/DC, etc ..), Danny "The Count" Koker (Counting Cars), DJ Ashba (Sixx A.M., Guns N Roses) , Dr. Thomas Lodi, Greg Douglass (Steve Miller Band), Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Lisa Kelly (Ice Road Truckers), Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Priscilla Presley, Sean Stone, Senator Rand Paul, Steve Wozniak (Apple Computer), Terry Ilous (XYZ, Great White), Tony Montana (Chicago Outfit), Walker Evans (Racing Legend), Wayne Newton, and more.

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